CompileSwiftSources normal arm64 build ios报错)

cordova-plugin-qrscanner插件ios这边是用swift写的但是cordova的ios平台构建的是oc的项目,可能是因为没有桥接文件,和swift和oc混编时的引入,添加插件 cordova-plugin-add-swift-support。这个插件一般在添加含有swift文件的插件时会作为辅助插件自动给你添加。


问题讨论网址: 2.6.1 breaks build in Xcode 10.1

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<div><h3>Question Checklist</h3> <ul><li>[x] Updated grpc-swift to the latest version im using version 1.0.0-alph.8</li><li>[ done] I read the <a href="">Contribution Guidelines</a></li><li>[done ] I read <a href="">README</a></li><li>[ done] I searched for <a href="">existing GitHub issues</a> (especially, there are many <a href="">resolved issues related to SSL</a>)</li></ul> <h3>Question Subject</h3> <p>I receive this error "missing required module 'CNIOAtomics' " when I add an ios binary framework with a swift-GRPC dependency to an XCode ios app project.</p> <h4>Question Description</h4> <p>objective to distribute an ios binary framework that has a swift-GRPC dependency</p> <p>dev environment (this works) i have an ios app that references an ios framework. In the ios framework, i have added swift-GRPC using the XCode 11 method to add a swift package. This works.</p> <p>Test environment (does not build)</p> <p>In my test environment, I have an XCode ios project with binary from the dev environment framework project as a library dependency. When i build the ios app i receive this error message "missing require module CNIOAtomics". </p> <p>I realize this issue probably does not have nuch to do with swift-grpc and might have more to do with my setup. </p> <p>If someone can point me in a direction to help solve this issue it would be greatly apprecated</p> <p>thanks</p> <p>Chris</p><p>该提问来源于开源项目:grpc/grpc-swift</p></div>
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