Guideline 5.2.1 - Legal - Intellectual Property


Guideline 5.2.1 - Legal - Intellectual Property

Your app includes content or features from Fiido (飞道), or is marketed to control external hardware from Fiido (飞道), without the necessary authorization. The inclusion of third-party content within your app, whether retrieved from the internet by the app or embedded in the app, is subject to the terms of the Apple Developer Program License Agreement.

Your app and its contents should not infringe upon the rights of another party. In the event your app infringes another party’s rights, you are responsible for any liability to Apple because of a claim.

Next Steps

To resolve this issue, please attach documentary evidence in the App Review Information section in App Store Connect. In accordance with section 3.2(f) of the Apple Developer Program License Agreement, you acknowledge that submitting falsified or fraudulent documentation can result in the termination of your Apple Developer Program account and the removal of your apps from the App Store. Once Legal has reviewed your documentation and confirms its validity, we will proceed with the review of your app.

Alternatively, please remove the third-party content from your app and its metadata.





苹果Guideline 5.2.1侵权被拒解决方案
Guideline 5.2.1 - Legal - Intellectual Property 解决方案

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